Undenatured chicken collagen type ii from Chicken sternum

Undenatured chicken collagen type ii is native collagen type ii powder extracted from chicken sternum by well-designed manufacturing process with low temperature. The activity of the collagen protein is well maintained and the type ii collagen remains in its original triple helix molecular structure. Undenatured chicken collagen type ii is a premium ingredient for joint health supplements.

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Quick features of Native Chicken Collagen type ii

Material name Undenatured Chicken Collagen type ii for Joint Health
Origin of material Chicken sternum
Appearance White to slight yellow powder
Production process Low temperature hydrolyzed process
Undenatured type ii collagen >10%
Total protein content 60% (Kjeldahl method)
Moisture content 10% (105°for 4 hours)
Bulk density >0.5g/ml as bulk density
Solubility Good solubility into water
Application To produce Joint care supplements
Shelf Life 2 years from production date
Packing Inner packing: Sealed PE bags
Outer packing: 25kg/Drum

What is Undenatured chicken collagen type ii?

Undenatured chicken collagen type ii is non-denatured type II collagen extracted from chicken breast cartilage by cryogenic technology.

The function of Undenatured chicken collagen type ii is not only to supplement collagen, but to use its active function to adjust physiological functions to promote mobility, while the real undenatured chicken collagen type ii is based on patented low-temperature extraction technology, which completely retains type II collagen. Three-strand helix three-dimensional structure, so it can maintain the function of activity and regulation of physiological functions.

Generally, commercially available collagen belongs to "denatured collagen", because most of this type of collagen is hydrolyzed at high temperature to facilitate absorption. During the processing, the unique structure of collagen has been completely destroyed, and the original physiology of collagen cannot be preserved. It can only be used as the raw material source of collagen in the body, so it is called "denatured collagen".

Specification of Undenatured chicken collagen type ii

Appearance White to off white powder
Total Protein Content 50%-70% (Kjeldahl Method)
Undenatured Collagen type II ≥10.0% (Elisa Method)
Mucopolysaccharide No less than 10%
pH 5.5-7.5 (EP 2.2.3)
Residual on Ignition ≤10%(EP 2.4.14 )
Loss on drying ≤10.0% (EP2.2.32)
Heavy Metal < 20 PPM(EP2.4.8)
Lead <1.0mg/kg( EP2.4.8)
Mercury <0.1mg/kg( EP2.4.8)
Cadmium <1.0mg/kg( EP2.4.8)
Arsenic <0.1mg/kg( EP2.4.8)
Total Bacteria Count <1000cfu/g(EP.2.2.13)
Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g(EP.2.2.12)
E.Coli Absence/g (EP.2.2.13)
Salmonella Absence/25g (EP.2.2.13)
Staphylococcus aureus Absence/g (EP.2.2.13)

What are the differences between Undenatured chicken collagen type ii and denatured hydrolyzed collagen?

1. Spatial structure differences: Undenatured collagen type II is active collagen, which means the natural triple helix structure of collagen is maintained while the hydrolyzed collage lost its triple helix structure. The activity of the undenatured collagen type ii functions in an unique way in combination with the mucopolysaccharides to help reduce the inflammation in joints.

2. Component Differences: Beside active collagen, the undenatured collagen type ii contains mucopolysaccharides which includes chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. However, normal hydrolyzed collagen contains about 90% protein, no other functional substances.

Scientific study of undenatured chicken collagen type II

The scientific study proves that the Undenatured chicken collagen type ii provides benefits for joint health. The clinical study on the animals proves that benefits of Undenatured type ii chicken collagen are confirmed in trials of traumatic osteoarthritis, post-traumatic and obesity-induced arthritis of rats.

In the post-traumatic osteoarthritis trial, joint damage resulted in the loss of cartilage (matrix and chondrocytes) and severe local inflammation of the knee joint. After taking low-dose Active Collagen II, the following benefits were clearly proved:

1. Prevent Cartilage Degradation and Lubrication
Undenatured chicken collagen type ii can protect cartilage and reduce degenerative changes (normalization of chondroitin region, blue bars on the left side of the diagram below), stimulates proteoglycan synthesis in chondrocytes and promotes joint lubrication (the percentage of activated chondrocytes increases, as shown in the blue histogram on the right side of the diagram below).

1.Prevent Cartilage Degradation and Lubrication

Diagram No.1: Undenatured Chicken Collagen type ii Prevents cartilage degradation and promotes the synthesis of lubricating matrices.

1. Reduce the inflammation
Undenatured chicken collagen type ii promotes the anti-inflammatory effect of knee joints (reduces the expression of local inflammatory markers in the synovial membrane, See blue histogram in below diagram).

1. Reduce the inflammation

Diagram No.2: Undenatured chicken collagen type ii reduces the inflammation of OA.

2. Prevent OA (Osteoarthritis)
In the obese and traumatic osteoarthritis trial, the loss of knee joint cartilage (matrix and chondrocytes) and the local inflammatory response were transiently induced. Low-dose
Undenatured chicken collagen type ii supplementation can prevent osteoarthritis in below aspects:

Experiments on mice that are obese by high-fat diets have shown protection of cartilage, reduction of degenerative changes (Cartilage zone normalization, blue histogram on the left side of the diagram below), and promotion of joint lubrication by stimulating proteoglycan synthesis in chondrocytes. (The percentage of activated chondrocytes increases, the blue histogram on the right side of the diagram below).

2.Prevent OA (Osteoarthritis)

Diagram No.3 : Undenatured chicken Collagen type ii prevents the degradation of cartilage and promotes the synthesis of a lubricating matrix in the osteoarthritis caused by obesity.

4. High bioavailability
The study shows that 1 hour after taking Undenatured type ii the hydroxyproline in mouse serum reaches a high concentration, which proves that Undenatured chicken type ii has a high bioavailability.

4. High bioavailability

Diagram 4: Undenatured chicken Collagen type ii can be absorbed by body efficiently.

FAQs about Chicken type ii collagen supplied by Beyond Biopharma

Can i have a small sample to test the specification of your collagen type ii?
Of course, you can. We are happy to provide sample of 50-100gram for testing purposes. We usually send the samples via DHL account, if you have a DHL account, please advise us your DHL account so that we can send out the sample via your account.

How soon can i get an answer from yourside after i send an inquiry on your website?
No more than 24 hours. We have dedicated sales team to deal with your price inquiry and sample requests. You will sure get feedbacks from our sales team within 24 hours since you send the inquiries.

What is the packing of your collagen type ii from chicken?
Packing: Our standard export packing is 25KG collagen packed into a Sealed PE bag, then the bag is put into a fiber drum. The drum is sealed with a plastic loker on top of the drum.

What are the dimension of the fiber drums you use?
Dimension: The dimension of one drum with 10KG is 38 x 38 x 40 cm, one pallent is able to contain 20 drums. One standard 20 feet container is able to put almost 800.

Are you able to ship the collagen type ii by air?
Yes, we can ship the collage type ii in both sea shipment and air shipment. We have safety transportation certificate of chicken collagen powder for both air shipment and sea shipment.

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