Premium Cod Fish Collagen Peptide is the Key to Your Skin Beauty

Fish collagen peptide is a very marketable raw material in the health care products industry, beauty industry and medical industry. With the continuous growth of people’s age and people’s increasing demand for healthy quality of life, more and more fish collagen peptides have been found and put into use. First, a brief understanding of several significant effects of fish collagen peptide: first, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle decay. Second: natural moisturizing raw materials; third: prevent osteoporosis; fourth: enhance immunity.

  • Product name: Hydrolyzed Marine Fish Collagen
  • Source: Marine Fish Skin
  • Molecular Weight: ≤1000 Dalton
  • Color: Snow White Color
  • Taste : Neutral Taste, Unflavored
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Solubility: Instant Solubility into Cold Water
  • Application: Skin Health Dietary Supplements
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    Video of Fish Collagen dissolved in water

    The definition of collagen

    Collagen is the kind of protein with the most content in the human body, accounting for about 1 / 4 of the total protein. As extracellular protein, it exists in human connective tissue, bone and cartilage, contains more than 90% in bone and tendon, and skin tissue contains more than 50%, mainly I,, and four types of collagen. In living organisms, collagen I and type I are extremely rich in content, accounting for 80%~90% of the total collagen amount of living organisms.

    Collagen products come from a variety of sources, the most common are chicken collagen, bovine collagen and fish collagen. Here focus on fish collagen products, fish collagen peptide refers to fish or fish skin, fish scale, fish bone and other fish processing by-products and low-value fish as raw materials, through proteolysis technology to obtain small molecule peptide products. Its main function is very extensive in the field of skin care and beauty, and also occupies a very important proportion in the field of health care products.

    Quick Review Sheet of Cod Fish Collagen Peptides

    Product Name Cod Fish Collagen Peptides
    Origin Fish scale and skin
    Appearance White powder
    CAS Number 9007-34-5
    Production process enzymatic hydrolysis
    Protein Content ≥ 90% by Kjeldahl method
    Loss on Drying ≤ 8%
    Solubility Instant solubility into water
    Molecular weight Low Molecular Weight
    Bioavailability High Bioavailability, quick and easy absorption by human body
    Application Solid Drinks Powder for Anti-aging or Joint Health
    Halal Certificate Yes, Halal Verified
     Health Certificate Yes, Health certificate is available for custom clearance purpose
    Shelf Life 24 months from production date
    Packing 20KG/BAG,  8MT/ 20' Container, 16MT / 40' Container

    What are the advantages of fish collagen peptides?

    1. Good biological safety: the structure and function of fish collagen and land mammals-derived collagen are similar, but with lower immunogenicity, better safety, lower risk of zoonotic virus transmission, and higher safety in clinical use.

    2. Wide range of edible people: Due to religious belief and other problems in many places, pig-derived collagen medical products cannot be used for clinical application in Islamic countries and regions, while fish collagen does not have religious problems, which can more smoothly benefit the patient groups in relevant regions and countries.

    3. Easy to absorb: After scientific hydrolysis, the molecular weight is smaller, so it is easier to be absorbed by the intestinal tract, which is more conducive to human health.

    Specification Sheet Of Marine Fish Collagen

    Testing Item Standard
    Appearance, Smell and impurity White to off-white powder or granule form
    odorless, completely free from aby foreign unpleasant smell
    No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly
    Moisture content ≤7%
    Protein ≥95%
    Ash ≤2.0%
    pH(10% solution, 35℃) 5.0-7.0
    Molecular weight ≤1000 Dalton
    Lead (Pb) ≤0.5 mg/kg
    Cadmium (Cd) ≤0.1 mg/kg
    Arsenic (As) ≤0.5 mg/kg
    Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50 mg/kg
    Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g
    Yeast and Mould <100 cfu/g
    E. Coli Negative in 25 gram
    Salmonelia Spp Negative in 25 gram
    Tapped Density Report as it is
    Particle Size 20-60 MESH

    Efficacy of fish collagen

    1.Anti-wrinkle aging: fish collagen peptide has the antioxidant effect, can remove free radicals, play the effect of slowing down skin aging.

    2.Moisturizing: contains a variety of amino acids, with a large number of hydrophilic base, has a good moisturizing effect, is a natural moisturizing factor, collagen peptide can promote the synthesis of skin collagen, maintain skin elasticity, make it delicate and shiny. It has the effect of improving the skin, improving the moisture, and enhancing the elasticity.

    3.prevention of osteoporosis: bone collagen peptide can enhance the function of osteoblasts, reduce the activity of osteoclasts, so as to promote the formation of bone, improve the strength of bone, prevent osteoporosis, but also strengthen the absorption of calcium, increase bone density.

    4.Enhance immunity: Collagen peptide has a significant enhancement effect on cellular immunity and humoral immunity in mice, and collagen peptide can enhance the immune function of mice.

    What symptoms can fish collagen peptides be used for?

    1. Skin health care: fish collagen peptide can promote the elasticity and firmness of the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the uneven and dark skin color phenomenon. It helps to maintain skin moisture and moisture and enhance the moisturizing function.

    2. Joint health: Fish collagen peptides are very important for joint health. It can increase the elasticity and toughness of articular cartilage, reduce the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain, and improve joint mobility and flexibility.

    3. Hair, nails and other health: fish collagen peptide can repair dry and manic hair. If the hair is dry and split, you can use this article to nourish the scalp and make the hair refreshed.

    The advantages of our factory


    1.Advanced production equipment: we have four professional production lines, have their own product testing experiments, etc., sound production equipment enables us to carry out quality testing, all product quality can be produced in accordance with USP standards.

    2. Pollution-free production environment: in the production workshop of the factory, we are equipped with special cleaning instruments, which can effectively disinfect the production equipment. In addition, our production equipment is closed for installation, which can effectively ensure the quality of the products.

    3. Professional sales team: All team members of the company are professionals who have been screened, with rich professional knowledge reserve, strong service awareness and high degree of team cooperation. Any of your questions and needs, there will be commissioners for you to answer.

    Sample policy


    Samples policy: We can provide about 200g free sample for you to use for your testing, you only need to pay the shipping. We can send the sample to you through your DHL or FEDEX account.

    About the packing

    Packing  20KG/Bag 
    Inner packing  Sealed PE Bag
    Outer Packing  Paper and Plastic Compound Bag
     Pallet  40 Bags / Pallets = 800KG
     20' Container  10 Pallets = 8000KG
     40' Container  20 Pallets = 16000KGS


    1.Does preshipment sample available ?

       Yes, we can arrange preshipment sample, tested OK, you can place the order.

    2.What is your payment method ?

        T/T, and Paypal is preferred.

    3.How can we make sure that the quality meets our requirements ?

      ① Typical Sample is available for your testing before placing the order.
      ② Pre-shipment sample send to you before we ship the goods.

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