Bovine collagen contains more hydroxyproline

Bovine collagen was superior to fish collagen, especially the content of hydroxyproline (Hyp) was significantly higher than that of other fish. It has excellent solubility, and bovine collagen can effectively improve muscle function

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Characters of Grass Fed Bovine Collagen Peptide 

Product Name Grass Fed Bovine Collagen peptide
CAS Number 9007-34-5
Origin Bovine hides, grass fed
Appearance White to off white Powder
Production process Enzymatic Hydrolysis extraction process
Protein Content ≥ 90% by Kjeldahl method
Solubility Instant and Quick Solubility into cold water
Molecular weight Around 1000 Dalton
Bioavailability High bioavailability
Flowability Good flowability
Moisture content ≤8% (105°for 4 hours)
Application Skin care products, joint care products, snacks, sports nutrition products
Shelf Life 24 months from production date
Packing 20KG/BAG, 12MT/20' Container, 25MT/40' Container

Characteristics of bovine collagen peptide

1. Hydroxyproline (Hyp) is a unique amino acid of collagen. According to the analysis of amino acid composition and content of collagen extracted from different sources, the content of Hyp in bovine collagen is significantly higher than that in other fish.

2. Instant dissolution in water: The molecular weight of our bovine collagen peptide is about 1000 Dalton, which can be quickly dissolved in water and quickly absorbed and digested by the human body.

3. Muscles are important throughout life, and collagen adds structure to connective tissues and improves muscle function by supporting muscle fiber absorption and muscle contraction.

Specification sheet of Bovine Collagen Peptide

Testing Item Standard
Appearance, Smell and impurity White to slightly yellowish granular form
odorless, completely free from aby foreign unpleasant smell
No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly
Moisture content ≤6.0%
Protein ≥90% 
Ash ≤2.0%
pH(10% solution, 35℃) 5.0-7.0
Molecular weight ≤1000 Dalton
Chromium( Cr)  mg/kg ≤1.0mg/kg
Lead (Pb) ≤0.5 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) ≤0.1 mg/kg
Arsenic (As) ≤0.5 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50 mg/kg
Bulk Density 0.3-0.40g/ml
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g
Yeast and Mould <100 cfu/g
E. Coli Negative in 25 gram
Coliforms (MPN/g) <3 MPN/g
Staphylococus Aureus (cfu/0.1g) Negative
Clostridium ( cfu/0.1g) Negative
Salmonelia Spp Negative in 25 gram
Particle Size 20-60 MESH

The function of bovine collagen

1. Improve muscle function: Collagen supports the endometrium layer, the layer of connective tissue that covers individual muscle cells. Collagen adds structure to connective tissue and improves muscle function by supporting muscle fiber absorption and muscle contraction.

2. Make your skin more elastic: The dermis, which is made up of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen provides the skin with strength and structure, while elastin provides elasticity.

3. Helps form mineralized bone: About one-third of bone tissue is protein. Type 1 collagen, the main component of bone tissue, is surrounded by calcium and phosphate and helps to form mineralized (hard) bone

Wide application of bovine collagen tripe

Bovine collagen peptide is a nutrient component that can be applied in various fields. It can be added to snacks, solid drinks, creams and more.

1. Solid beverage powder: Solid beverage powder is the most common product containing bovine collagen peptide. Bovine collagen peptide solid beverage powder has transient solubility and can quickly dissolve in water.

2. Tablets: Bovine collagen peptide can also be compressed into tablets with other ingredients such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. Bovine collagen peptide is a popular functional component for joint health purposes.

3. Energy bars: Energy bars are another application form of bovine collagen peptides. In energy bar products, bovine collagen peptide consists of 18 amino acids and is a nutrient that provides energy.

4. Cosmetics: Bovine collagen peptides are also added to creams or masks to whiten the skin.

Loading Capacity and Packing Details of Bovine Collagen Peptide

Packing 20KG/Bag 
Inner packing Sealed PE Bag
Outer Packing Paper and Plastic Compound Bag
Pallet 40 Bags / Pallets = 800KG
20' Container 10 Pallets = 8MT, 11MT Not palleted
40' Container 20 Pallets = 16MT, 25MT Not Palleted


Our packing size is 20KG/BAG. Our bovine collagen powder is sealed into a Plastic and Paper compound bag, one 20 feet container is able to load 11MT bovine collagen powder, and one 40 feet container is able to load 24 MT bovine collagen powder.


We are able to arrange shipment both by air and by vessel. We have all the necessary transportation certified needed.

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