Skin guard fish collagen tripeptide from the deep sea

Fish collagen peptide is extracted from the skin of deep-sea cod, which is free from environmental pollution, animal disease and residues of farmed drugs. Fish collagen tripeptide is the smallest unit to make collagen have biological activity, molecular weight can reach 280 Dalton, can be quickly absorbed by the human body. And because it is the maintenance of skin and muscle elasticity of the main component. Its products are becoming more and more popular with women.

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Quick details of Fish Collagen Peptide CTP

Product Name Fish Collagen Tripeptide CTP
CAS Number 2239-67-0
Origin Fish scale and skin
Appearance Snow White Color
Production process Precisely controlled Enzymatic Hydrolyzed extraction
Protein Content ≥ 90% by Kjeldahl method
Tripeptide Content 15%
Solubility Instant and Quick Solubility into cold water
Molecular weight Around 280 Dalton
Bioavailability High bioavailability, quick absorption by human body
Flowability Granulation process is needed to improve the flowability
Moisture content ≤8% (105°for 4 hours)
Application Skin care products
Shelf Life 24 months from production date
Packing 20KG/BAG, 12MT/20' Container, 25MT/40' Container

Why choose fish collagen tripeptide produced by Beyond Biopharma

1. Fish collagen tripeptide (CTP) is a sequence composed of three amino acids "glycine (G) -proline (P)-X(other amino acids)". Fish collagen tripeptide is the smallest unit that makes collagen biologically active. Its structure can be simply expressed as GLY-X-Y with a molecular weight of 280 Daltons. Because of its low molecular weight, it can be quickly absorbed by the body.

2. Fish collagen peptide is extracted from the skin of deep-sea cod, one of the most harvested fish in the world. Alaskan cod live in clean waters that are free of any pollution, risk of animal disease, or residue from culture drugs.

3. Collagen is the main component of skin and muscle elasticity. As women age, they lose collagen, the protein that holds their skin up in scaffolds and 'springs', and now more and more women are realising they need to replenish it if they want to stay young.

Beyond Biopharma is a professional producer of fish collagen peptide

1. Focus on only one thing: more than 10 years of production experience in collagen production industry. Just focus on collagen.

2. Reliable provenance: wild-caught fish are not treated with drugs that could be used in farming activities, such as antibiotics or hormones. The raw materials used to make our hydrolyzed collagen come from fishing methods and quotas that are strictly controlled by the government

3. Reliable quality management :ISO 9001 certification and FDA registration.

4. Better quality and lower cost: Our goal is to provide better quality at reasonable cost and save cost for our customers.

5. Quick sales support: Quick response to your sample and document requests.

6. Trackable shipping status: We will provide accurate and updated production status upon receipt of the purchase order so that you know the latest status of the materials you have ordered, and full trackable shipping details once we book the ship or flight.

Specification of Fish Collagen Tripeptide

Testing Item Standard Test Result
Appearance, Smell and impurity White to off white powder Pass
odorless, completely free from aby foreign unpleasant smell Pass
No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly Pass
Moisture content ≤7% 5.65%
Protein ≥90% 93.5%
Tripeptides ≥15% 16.8%
Hydroxyproline 8% to 12% 10.8%
Ash ≤2.0% 0.95%
pH(10% solution, 35℃) 5.0-7.0 6.18
Molecular weight ≤500 Dalton ≤500 Dalton
Lead   (Pb) ≤0.5 mg/kg <0.05 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) ≤0.1 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg
Arsenic (As) ≤0.5 mg/kg <0.5 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50 mg/kg <0.5mg/kg
Total Plate Count < 1000 cfu/g < 100 cfu/g
Yeast and Mould < 100 cfu/g < 100 cfu/g
E. Coli Negative in 25 gram Negative
Salmonella Spp Negative in 25 gram Negative
Tapped Density Report as it is 0.35g/ml
Particle Size 100% through 80 mesh Pass

Functions of Fish Collagen Tripeptide CTP

1. Skin wrinkling: can fill the local collapse of dermal tissue, improve relaxation, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines

2. Moisturizing and moisturizing: The unique triple helix structure can powerfully lock in 30 times of water, making the skin moisturizing and glossy for a long time;

3. Restore elasticity: After entering the skin, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, so that the skin can restore elasticity, shine and luster;

4. Tissue repair: It can stimulate the internal collagen synthesis ability, so that the damaged skin tissue can constantly repair itself;

5. Whitening spots: make the cell link closer, speed up the new cells, remove melanin, make the skin white, color spots fade out;

6. Bodybuilding breasts: The unique hydroxyglucine can tighten the connective tissue and support the sagging breasts, making the breasts straight, plump and elastic;

7. Improve hair quality: lack of collagen, hair will be dry and split, easy to break, dull and dull, good hair;

8. Flexible joint: It is an important component of joint capsule and synovial fluid, which can nourish joint tissue, maintain joint health and improve joint function;

Application of Fish Collagen Tripeptide

As a popular beauty product for women, fish collagen tripeptide collagen also comes in a variety of dosage forms. We often see in the market dosage forms are: fish gum tripeptide powder, fish gum tripeptide tablets, fish gum tripeptide oral solution and other dosage forms.

1. Powdered fish colloid tripeptide: fish colloid tripeptide can quickly dissolve in water due to its small molecular weight. Therefore, the solid beverage powder containing fish collagen tripeptide is one of the most popular finished dosage forms.

2. Fish collagen tripeptide tablets: Fish collagen tripeptide can be compressed into tablets with other skin health ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

3. Fish gum tripeptide oral solution. Fish colloid tripeptide oral solution is also a commonly used finished dosage form. Fish colloid tripeptide CTP has low molecular weight and can be completely dissolved in water quickly. Therefore, oral liquid is a convenient way for customers to ingest fish collagen tripeptide into the body.

4. Cosmetics: Fish collagen tripeptide is also used in the production of cosmetics, such as facial masks.

Loading Capacity and Packing Details of Fish Collagen Peptide

Packing 20KG/Bag 
Inner packing Sealed PE Bag
Outer Packing Paper and Plastic Compound Bag
Pallet 40 Bags / Pallets = 800KG
20' Container 10 Pallets = 8MT, 11MT Not palleted
40' Container 20 Pallets = 16MT, 25MT Not Palleted

Packing Information

Our usual packing is 20KG Fish collagen tripeptide put into a PE and paper compound bag, then 20 bags are palleted onto one pallet, and one 40 feet container is able to load around 17MT Fish collagen tripeptide Granular.


We are able to ship the goods both by air and by sea. We have the safety transporation certificate for both ways of shipment.

Sample Policy

A free sample of around 100 grams could be provided for your testing purposes. Please contact us to request a sample or quotation. We will send the samples via DHL. If you have a DHL account, you are very welcome to provide us with your DHL account.

Documentation Support

We are able to provide documents including COA, MSDS, MOA, Nutrition value, Molecular Weight testing report.

Quick Response

We have professional sales team to deal with your inquiries, and will reply to you within 24 hours after you send an inquiry.

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