What do you need to know about Chicken Collagen type ii ?

We Beyond Biopharma is a ISO9001 Verified and US FDA Registered manufacturer of Chicken Collagen Type ii located in China. Today, we are going to introduce the chicken collagen type ii in a detailed way for you to know all about chicken collagen type ii. In this article, we will discuss below topics:

1. What is type 2 chicken collagen

2. What are the benefits of chicken collagen

3. What foods are high in type 2 collagen?

4. Can type 2 collagen rebuild cartilage?

5. How much collagen type 2 should i take daily?

Chicken collagen type 2 is the type 2 collagen extracted from chicken cartilages or sternum. Chicken Type II collagen is mainly distributed in cartilage, nucleus pulposus and vitreous body. It has a unique structure and chemical composition, so it is widely used in cosmetics, health food and medicine.Clinical data show that oral type II collagen can effectively improve RA and reduce its pain, and then has the effect of treating arthropathy and osteoporosis. In addition, collagen can strengthen the skin's toughness and delay the aging of the body. It is an ideal material for calcium supplementation, beauty and skin care, and anti-aging health food.

What are the benefits of chicken collagen type 2? 


Type II Chicken Collagen helps maintain joint health and joint comfort and flexibility. The amino acids in type II chicken collagen are essential for maintaining the health of connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Incorporating a high-quality chicken collagen type II supplement into your daily regimen may help:

1. Reduce knee stiffness
2. Reduces exercise-induced stiffness and discomfort
3. Improve post-exercise recovery rate
4. Quickly relieve joint discomfort
5. Optimize the overall function of the knee joint
6. Supports Healthy Cartilage Transformation
7. Reduces articular cartilage damage caused by daily wear and tear
8. Protect articular cartilage and prevent sports injuries

 What foods are high in type 2 collagen?


Type II collagen is mainly found in animal cartilage, bone and tendon, common foods such as chicken, chicken breastbone, bovine cartilage and bovine tendon. Foods rich in type II collagen are:

1. Chicken breast bone
2. Chicken thigh bone
3. Beef Cartilage
4. Bovine tendon
5. Pork Cartilage
6. Pork Ribs
7. Other common edible animal cartilage

Our body can supplement type II collagen by eating the above foods, but since the content of type II collagen in food is low, a more effective way to supplement type II collagen is to take dietary supplements containing type II collagen.

Can Collagen type 2 rebuild Cartilage?


Collagen is the main supporting protein in the body. Collagen is found in the skin, bones, articular cartilage, internal organs to blood vessels and plays an extremely important role.

The normal bones of the human body contain 80% collagen. Its function is mainly to adhere calcium, phosphorus, minerals and other components, and then form bone; the main component of cartilage such as joints is also collagen, which can keep the muscles and bones soft during exercise. And elasticity, timely replenishment of collagen, can relieve the pain and inflammation of the muscles, bones and joints.

Type II collagen exists only in cartilage tissue and can promote the production of chondrocytes to maintain the function of bones and joints. The composition of normal cartilage joints is mostly water, followed by type II collagen and glycoprotein, while cartilage is closely connected by regular arrangement of type II collagen and glycoprotein, so when the amount of collagen and glycoprotein decreases, it will Disintegrates the structure and thins the cartilage, causing symptoms such as arthritis.

How is the solubility of chicken collagen type 2?


Chicken collagen type 2 is with good solubility into water, it can be produced into solid drinks powder form, which require good solubility. Please see the solubility demonstration video above.

Chicken collagen type 2 is also with good flowability, it can be compressed into tablets or filled into capsules easily.

How Much Collagen type 2 should I take daily?

We suggest you to take no more than 5 gram of hydrolyzed chicken collagen type ii on daily base. If you take the dietary supplements that containing chicken collagen type ii, please refer and follow the instructions of that dietary supplements.


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