Fish Collagen Peptide and Skin Beauty

Fish Collagen peptide is a type of collagen with Low molecular weight. Fish collagen peptides refer to small molecular peptide products obtained by proteolysis technology using fish meat or fish skin, fish scales, fish bones and other fish processing by-products and low-value fish as raw materials.

The amino acid composition of collagen is different from other proteins. It is rich in glycine, proline and high content of hydroxyproline. Glycine accounts for about 30% of the total amino acids, and the proline content exceeds 10%. Collagen also has Good water retention, it is an excellent cooperative moisturizing agent. Collagen products have three effects of protecting skin moisture, increasing bone density, and enhancing immunity. They play an important role in beauty, fitness and bone health. Functional food , health care products and cosmetics are widely used.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Fish Collagen peptide in below topics:

  • What is Fish Collagen Peptide ?
  • What is fish collagen good for ?
  • What is the application of fish collagen peptide in foods supplements?
  • Does fish collagen have side effect?
  • Who should not take fish collagen ?

Fish collagen peptide is a natural health product extracted from the skin of fish scales. Its main component is collagen, which is very beneficial to the skin after people eat it. It can help the skin lock water and increase skin elasticity. Fish collagen peptides have many other benefits besides beauty, it can strengthen bones and skin.

At present, the collagen extracted from fish skins in the world is dominated by deep-sea cod skins. Cod is mainly produced in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean close to the Arctic Ocean. Cod has a large appetite and is a gluttonous migratory fish. It is also the fish with the largest annual catch in the world. One of the classes with important economic value. Because deep-sea cod has no risk of animal diseases and artificial breeding drug residues in terms of safety, it is currently the most recognized fish collagen by women in various countries.

What is fish Collagen Good For ?


Fish Collagen peptide is good for human body in many aspects.

1. Fish Collagen peptide can quickly relieve the fatigue of the body and enhance the immunity of the body.

2. Marine fish skin collagen peptides, taurine, vitamin C, and zinc have effects on the body, cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Immune function, prevention and improvement of male reproductive system diseases.

3. Spermatogenesis and solidification, improving and maintaining the normal function of elastic tissues and organs.

4. Fish Collagen peptide may Promote the repair of corneal epithelial damage and promote the growth of corneal epithelial cells.

5. Fish Collagen peptide is beneficial to the maintenance of physical strength of athletes during exercise and the rapid recovery of physical strength after exercise, so as to achieve anti-fatigue effect.

6. Fish collagen helps to Improve muscle elasticity.

7. It has obvious effect on burns, wounds and tissue repair.

8. Protect gastric mucosa and anti-ulcer effect.

What is the application of fish collagen peptide in foods supplements?

 The function and application of fish collagen peptides in Foods supplements:

1. Antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging: Fish collagen peptide has anti-oxidation effect, which can scavenge free radicals and slow down skin aging.

2. Moisturizing and moisturizing: It contains a variety of amino acid components, has a large number of hydrophilic groups, and has a good moisturizing effect. It is a natural moisturizing factor. Collagen peptides can promote the synthesis of skin collagen, maintain skin elasticity, and make it delicate and shiny. . Has the effect of improving skin, increasing moisture and enhancing elasticity.

3. Prevention of osteoporosis: Collagen peptides can enhance the function of osteoblasts and reduce the activity of osteoclasts, thereby promoting bone formation, improving bone strength, preventing osteoporosis, and enhancing calcium absorption. Increase bone density.

4. Enhance immunity: Collagen peptides can significantly enhance the cellular immunity and humoral immunity of mice, and collagen peptides can enhance the immune function of mice.

Does Fish Collagen have side effect? Who should not take fish collagen peptide?

Precautions for the consumption of fish collagen peptide

1. Pregnant women can’t eat it. The consumption of Fish collagen peptide by pregnant women will be detrimental to the fetus, because collagen contains as many as 19 kinds of amino acids, but some of them are not absorbed by the fetus in the womb, resulting in excessive second characteristics of the baby. Early maturation is very detrimental to the growth of the baby.

2. There is no need to eat under the age of 18. The collagen in our body enters the peak period of loss from the age of 25. In fact, there is no need to consume the collagen in the body under the age of 18 because the collagen in the body has not yet been consumed. It starts to lose, and it is not good to make up for it.

3. Those who suffer from breast disease cannot eat. Fish Collagen has a large amount of hoof tissue and has the effect of breast enhancement. For friends with breast disease, eating collagen will increase the symptoms of breast hyperplasia, which is not conducive to recovery.

4. People with renal insufficiency cannot eat it. People with renal insufficiency should limit their protein intake. They should eat less food with high protein content, because their kidneys cannot load and decompose them. Collagen must be a high-protein substance, so it is better to eat less or not.

5. Those who are allergic to seafood cannot eat it. Generally speaking, collagen extracted from fish will be of better quality and healthier, with less fat content than those extracted from animals, but some friends are allergic to seafood. Yes, then when purchasing, you must see clearly whether your collagen is fish or animal collagen.

Post time: Aug-16-2022