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Video Demonstration of Solubility of Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen manufacturer understand that fish collagen powder is a nutritional ingredient that gains more and more popularity in skin beauty and joint health dietary supplements products.

Today, as a Fish Collagen Manufacturer located in China, We Beyond Biopharma will introduce how to tell the quality of fish collagen and what is the key quality of fish collagen powder.

We will give a comprehensive guidance of how to check the quality of fish collagen in below articles:

● What is Fish Collagen?
● Key characters of fish collagen
● How to check the odor, Taste and Solubility of Fish Collagen
● Application of Fish Collagen

1. What is fish collagen?
Fish Collagen powder is the protein powder extracted from the fish scales by enzymatic hydrolysis process. Fish Collagen Manufacturer can use both fish scales and fish scales to produce fish collagen. Fish Collagen is odorless protein powder with white color in fine particles, usually with molecular weight of around 1500 Dalton. It is able to dissolve into water.
The fish collagen powder is consisted of amino acids chains and provides benefits for human skins and bones.

2. Key Characters of Fish Collagen
As a fish collagen Manufacturer, we understand that the quality of fish collagen is very important for our customers’ products. We believe below four key characters are the most important quality indexes of premium fish collagen.

2.1 Color of Fish Collagen Powder: Snow White Color
High quality fish collagen powder produced by Premium Fish Collagen Manufacturer is usually with snow white color rather than yellowish color. The Color of fish collagen powder will decide or impact the color of the finished products. Fish Collagen powder is usually produced into Collagen Solid Drinks Powder, or Oral Liquid solution. Snow white color of fish collagen powder will make the finished Solid Drinks Powder looks pleasant to consumers. Fish Collagen Manufacturer needs high technology to purify and remove the color the fish scales to obtain a good-looking color of fish collagen.

2.2 The Smell of Fish Collagen Powder: Odorless
Fish Collagen powder with good quality is usually totally odorless because the odor of the raw materials is removed through well designed production process by Fish Collagen Manufacturer.

2.3 Taste of Fish Collagen powder: Neutral Taste
Fish collagen Powder with Premium quality is with neutral taste without any sour taste. Fish collagen powder is consisted of three long chains of amino acids. During the production process, the Fish Collagen Manufacturer use the enzyme to cut the long chains of amino acids. If the chains of Amino acids is cut into certain short chains, the fish collagen will taste sour. It is important that the Fish Collagen Manufacturer use accurate amount of enzyme during the production process to control the taste of fish collagen.

2.4 Solubility of Fish Collagen Powder into Water
As Fish Collagen manufacturer, we think that Solubility is one of the most important characters for fish collagen powder. Instant solubility is considered as a good character of premium quality fish collagen powder because fish collagen powder is widely used in Solid Drinks Powder products or oral liquid products, which require good solubility during the production process.

As a Fish Collagen manufacturer, we Beyond Biopharma adopt the advanced direct spray drying method to improve the flowability and solubility of our fish collagen Powder. Our fish collagen powder is able to dissolve quickly into even cold water.

3. How to check the color, odor, Taste and Solubility of Fish Collagen?
Fish Collagen manufacturer has developed a procedure to taste the quality of fish collagen Powder. The color and color of the fish collagen can be checked Sensorily. Take out a sample of around 10-gram Fish Collagen Powder, put it onto a white color A4 Paper, check the color, and odor by naked eyes and nose. Put around 1–2-gram fish collagen powder into your mouth to feel if it has a sour taste. Fish Collagen with good quality is usually with neutral taste without sour taste.

The procedure of testing the solubility of fish Collagen Powder is below:
1. Weight 5 gram Collagen Powder
2. Prepare a transparent glass with 95ml cold water
3. Put the collagen powder into the water, wait and see the dissolving situation of the powder.

If the fish collagen powder dissolve into water quickly and totally, it means it is suitable to be applied in Solid drinks Powder products which require instant solubility. Fish Collagen manufacturer usually try the best to improve the solubility as good as possible.

4. Application of Fish Collagen
Fish Collagen is widely used in the production of foods and dietary supplements or cosmetics products that are intended for skin beauty and hair function. The finished dosage form of fish collagen powder includes Solid Drinks Powder, Oral Solution, Masks and etc.

Post time: Apr-18-2022